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Are you actually donating 100% of profits towards coral restoration?

Yes! We have actually committed to donate 100% of profits towards coral restoration and organizations that are working to prevent ocean pollution. Coral Tees is a small company (run by two people!), and is currently working to partner with several nonprofits across the world. You can learn more about our partners here.

We define "profits" as net profits, meaning the money that's left over after subtracting all supply costs, operating expenses, and taxes. Our operating expenses are reviewed each year by an independent advisory board to ensure that funds are being spent wisely and reasonably.

We are proud of this commitment and want it to be as transparent as possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Can I see exactly where my money goes?

Yes! You can see a breakdown of who we donate to and how we have pledged our profits for 2018 here.
If you subscribe to our email newsletter, you’ll also receive periodic updates that give more detail on the specific programs we are supporting.

How long does it take to get my order?

It typically takes about 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order for it to arrive! We're a small company and (for now) are limited in the scale at which we can produce items, so occasionally, your order may need to be custom printed. As we grow, however, we hope to improve the speed at which we can fulfill orders - just remember, you're supporting a good cause and our clothing is worth the wait!

If you have any questions about the status of your order, please feel free to reach out to us at Please see our shipping policy for more information.

Do you give refunds on unwanted orders?

Please see our refund policy here.

What types of materials do you use for your clothing?

As we are just starting out, we currently offer a limited selection of t-shirts and products, some of which are made with synthetic fibers. Whenever possible, we aim to choose products with natural fibers (cotton, etc.) and as we grow we’ll be looking to move towards a model that is based on 100% natural fibers (we are currently at 65%). We’re also looking at introducing several specialty products to our store in the next few months, including bamboo and stainless steel reusable straws, reef safe sunscreens, and stainless steel water bottles.

Is the ink you use natural?

We are currently using Brother GT-3 inks, which are not natural, but they are water based and designed to reduce environmental waste. We hope to continue to include natural product selections in our store as our business grows. 

How can I become a brand ambassador?

We're always looking for brand ambassadors to spread the word about Coral Tees, and will be kicking off an official brand ambassador program in Summer 2018. If you're interested, please contact us at with your name, contact info, and a brief statement about why you think you would be a good ambassador for our company.

How can I sell Coral Tees?

We would love the opportunity to appear in your store's inventory. Please contact us at to connect.