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Our Mission


We started Coral Tees in early 2018 with a simple goal — make cool clothing and donate 100% of net profits to organizations that are working to restore and protect coral reefs. While we have a deep love for the ocean, we certainly don’t do the amazing work that these groups do — but we thought that we might be able to spread the love and send some money their way.

Our Partners

Our partner organizations are integral to our ability to fulfill our mission of donating 100% of net profits to coral restoration and protection efforts around the world. Learn more about what they’re doing here.

Why do we donate to coral reef restoration?

We are two siblings (Lauren and John) who were born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. Although we grew up in Colorado, our family was lucky enough to go on multiple dive trips during our childhood — these inspired a lasting love of the ocean and all of the amazing creatures that live in it. Some of our fondest memories involve snorkeling all day and then spending hours with the fish ID book, trying to identify every single fish we saw.

As avid scuba divers, we’ve unfortunately been witness to a dramatic decline in the health of the world’s reefs. Some of our favorite dive sites are now empty shells of what they once were. Our hope is that by donating to coral reef restoration efforts around the world, we’ll be able to help save something that we love before it’s too late.


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