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Our Partners + Commitment

Our partner organizations are integral to our ability to fulfill our mission of donating 100% of net profits to coral restoration and protection efforts around the world.

We define "profits" as net profits, meaning the money that's left over after subtracting all supply costs, operating expenses, and taxes. Our operating expenses are reviewed each year by an independent advisory board to ensure that funds are being spent wisely and reasonably.

We’re proud to pledge a portion of our profits to the following organizations:

Coral Tees + Raja Ampat SEA Centre
Raja Ampat SEA Centre

Raja Ampat SEA Centre is a conservation initiative dedicated to conserving Raja Ampat’s marine life through Science, Education and Awareness, and supporting sustainable development. Working with collaborating scientists and local community members, SEA Centre serves as a platform to conduct valuable scientific research into the marine ecology and environment in the region.

Raja Ampat is one of the last strongholds on Earth where coral reef systems still thrive. This archipelago shelters an incredible abundance of life, and forms what is currently thought to be the most biodiverse marine system on the planet, which in turn supports the livelihoods of many local communities. Yet sadly, numerous reefs were destroyed by destructive fishing practices in the 80s & 90s, and to this day, they have not yet recovered. Additionally, the current rapid expansion of tourism in the region brings with it new impacts upon the marine environment such as coral damage (anchoring, breakage from divers) and pollution.

SEA Centre currently contributes to the restoration, maintenance, and conservation of the area reefs their Yaf Keru coral garden project.

SEA Centre also offers citizen science tourism opportunities for any guest at Papua Explorers Resort, through their annual Coral Explorers trip and through their immersive Divemaster Marine Ecology internships. These opportunities are suitable for any diver, snorkeller or nature lover that wants to learn more about the amazing ecology of coral reefs. For more information please contact

Coral Tees + Corales de Paz
Corales de Paz

Based in Colombia, Corales de Paz promotes “Buceo con propósito”, which translates to “Meaningful Diving”. They currently lead large-scale coral restoration on Colombia’s reefs, and have created sustainable eco-tourism initiatives as a mechanism for protecting reefs against future degredation.

To achieve large-scale impact within the region, Corales de Paz involves many stakeholders, including local diving centers, fishing communities, and volunteer divers in the construction, installation, stocking, and monitoring of coral nurseries.

Corales de Paz is also the Reef Check coordinator for Colombia, which is the official coral reef monitoring program of the United Nations. Interested divers from around the world can become Reef Check certified and join a Reef Check EcoExpedition with Corales de Paz to participate in studying, monitoring, and restoring coral. For more information, please contact

Coral Tees + Coral Guardian
Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian is a French non-profit international solidarity organization dedicated to the conservation of coral ecosystems, raising awareness, scientific research, and the enhancement of marine ecosystems. Coral Guardian aims to promote innovative approaches to marine conservation and encourage sustainable development models by deploying multiple angles of action.

Coral Guardian currently works on conservation projects in Indonesia, Colombia, and New Caledonia. Projects are aimed at protecting and repopulating damaged reef areas, but are also aimed at empowering local communities to participate in sustainable management of coral ecosystems, creating local and sustainable jobs as well as sustainable fisheries that support local communities.

For interested visitors, Coral Guardian offers Eco-Volunteer tourism opportunities on the beautiful islands of Komodo and Nusa Penida, Indonesia. For more information, visit:

We are proud of our donation commitment and want it to be as transparent as possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Interested in becoming a partner?

We are actively seeking partnerships with organizations that are engaged in coral restoration or who are working to prevent ocean pollution. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please email us at to let us know more about your organization.